Why your weight is Increased during the Lockdown

 Why your weight is Increased during the Lockdown

We all know that the lock down was implement almost in all over the world due to the pandemic disease Corona virus. So in this lock down mostly people has gained a lot of weight. The people were thinking the two reasons of sudden increase in their weight and these are

  • People are free at home (no work)
  • Too much eating

But now the scientists has explained the real reasons behind this. According to the scientists the reason of increasing the weight during lock down is the stress that people endured due to corona virus disease and lock down. Due to this stress the food quantity increased in people and the second people were free at home.

According to scientists, another reason of obesity during the lock down is staying constantly with kids at home. Scientists has explained that the kids always try to eat especially snacks. So just because of this habit of kids, the elders also think to eat more. During this investigation, the scientists investigated two hundred and twenty two slimming world members. So they said that the habit of more eating has left very deep effects on human bodies. The activities of people were very less due to lock down, so this is also another reason. There are lots of reasons, but stress, over eating and no exercise are the main reasons.



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